Superbowl Bound

We’re proud of the planning, leadership and teamwork that paved the way for our team to go to the Superbowl 2 years in a row. Our crew functions much like the Seahawks when Pete Carrol first came to town: young, ambitious and talented. As we continue to hone their skills with emphasis on performance, our customers will surely win. Just like the Seahawks: not every play is going to go exactly as planned,but it’s our…


Anabelle Turns Eight

Anabelle is a black lab-collie mix who chose Mike & Traci when she was just 6 weeks old. The first couple months of her rearing consisted of training her to go potty outside and not chew on the furniture. Her natural instincts kept her very astute of her surroundings and she learns very quickly.¬†Anabelle recognizes and obeys roughly 50 words and phrases. As a result of her training she only eats when¬†given permission and is…

AVATAR venue


This idea began as a KPC auction purchase for use of the Kirkland Performance Center for an evening. After a few months of contemplating its best use, we decided to turn the theater into a party honoring those who support our efforts. As a result, over 150 vendors, trade contractors and associates attended our first Annual Vendor And Trade Awards Recognition (AVATAR) event hosted “in theatre” at the KPC on 1/9/15 (Facebook Album). A the…