Mediterranean Patio

A monumental re-build of a failing elevated patio. The patio and wall systems appeared to be in good shape until they were removed, exposing a substantial amount of rotted framing material. Existing structural elements were maintained while water saturated sub deck materials were replaced and waterproofed. Cast concrete ballustrade set on foundation wall over waterproofed membrane and pedestal pavers. Built-in swim spa with LED lighting was protected,maintained and serviced during the reconstruction process.


The Evolution of the Home

Over the years, the home has been used for different purposes. 1940’s – 1960’s: Rooms were relatively small and secluded. Gatherings were held in the living room or on the patio, and it was not uncommon to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar. 1970’s – 1990’s: Larger common areas for entertaining made “cocooning” the term used for home-bound activities. The 2000’s have made the home function more as a “hive of activity” where…


Kitchen Expansion

The awkward kitchen did not fit the needs of a growing family. The island was not functional, there was not a work space and kitchen disjointed from the home. Aesthetics of the kitchen was enhanced with light and dark contrasting materials. Light Irish crème Flur de Lis deco and Ahnzu’s Folio tiles behind the range were set on a Cambria Azul countertop and a lighter granite top were set on darker island cabinetry. Soft illumination…

New England Man Cave

If you are a fan of the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins and Tuskegee University, this is the room for you. An existing bonus room over the garage gets a makeover that includes a corner bar, 2 wall mounted TV’s, a 60-inch rear projection TV and pool table over pre-finished sculpted floating hardwood floor system. A very budget-friendly upgrade to this home resulted in an award for best room renovation under $50,000.

Repurposed Wine Cellar

This subterranean mechanical room was home to the son’s make-shift rock band rehearsal studio, complete with sound mixing equipment and a drum set. A mahogany racking system had been designed and built to fit a previous project that was cancelled due to lack of funds in the declining market. Having been stored for a couple years in our shop, the components were modified to be repurposed in a space that was sized to fit the…

Log Home Covered Entry

This secluded 1980’s wooded lodge lacked the grand lodge experience that these new owners desired. The resulting structure is a double-gable roof design neatly nestled within the confines of existing roof lines, windows and contoured driveway. At night each of the four the columns are dramatically accentuated by commercial grade in-ground up-lights and stair lighting nestled in the stone work. Eighty 1½ inch bolts fasten custom L-shaped structural plates and column bases, painted in-place with…