The Bold & The Beautiful

March, 2017 What’s considered “popular” is not always what’s best. In 2014, one of our repeat customers in Redmond contacted us to renovate their kitchen. The original oak cabinetry and challenging layout provided an excellent canvas from which to create their vision for a vibrantly functional space. Budget conscious finishes were designed and implemented to unveil what has become their favorite room in the house. “Every time I enter my kitchen, I can’t help but…


Keeping It In The Family

February, 2017 The previous renovation on this back yard deck left an elevated stone patio full of rot. It was improperly planned and executed in the early 2000’s, leaving multiple areas for water to get in and not get out. Kirk and Jann Olynyk agreed in 2007 to complete removal of the pedestal paver system and pre-cast railing system in order to permanently restore the structure. After several months of construction, the completed project included completely…



The 3rd Annual AVATAR event was held “in studio” at VMG Studio 520.

Award winners were applauded by the 43 attendees in the following categories.


Creative Solution Award: EvenFlo Heating & A/C

Safety Award: Advanta Clean

Memorable Moment Award: Smith RHT

Reliable Service Award: CTD Excavating

Customer Service Award: Elite Doors & Millwork

Vendor of the Year Award: Dunn Lumber

Trade Contractor of the Year Award: Lane Hardwood Floors

Introducing Your Home Improvement Resource

January, 2017 Each month, the content of this page will focus on the issues that affect your home. Written by a veteran local remodeling professionals intent on providing informative, relevant content ranging from design trends, to seasonal maintenance, to jurisdictional policy and planning for a renovation. Michael Tenhulzen is a Redmond native, raised in a family-owned remodeling company with deep-rooted senses of integrity, professionalism, integrity and trust. His wife, Traci joined the company in 2010…


Sequels 2016

Have you ever gone to a movie and told yourself that if there was ever a sequel, you would see that too? That’s what our customers are telling us as we complete their home improvement projects. Not all performances are set up for sequels, and others have as many as 6 performed over a span of several years. This year, we have performed sequels on 12 homes with 2 more currently in pre-production (compared to 7…


RHT 2016

Take advantage of this weekend to peek behind the curtain at a recently completed kitchen addition on English Hill in Redmond. October 8 & 9 10AM – 5PM This year’s Tenhulzen tour home welcomes you to obtain your free passes to this year’s Remodeled Homes Tour. Visit us during this special event to experience the nuances of a major renovation.   FEATURES: folding door system  |  custom cabinetry  |  laundry room  |  master balcony DIRECTIONS: follow the signs from NE…


Modern Day Residence

This whole-house makeover began with relocating the master bath and guest bath, which shifted the functionality of the upper floor. Expansion of the kitchen re-purposed the formal dining room for a professional pantry complete with secondary laundry facilities. Refrigerator and freezer from the Top Chef Seattle TV show accentuate the professional layout. An open and lofty upper floor made for brightening the entire living space. Flooring is a durable plank patterned after rustic wood. New insulated…


Ramapthon 2016

For 22 years, TR has been donating wheelchair ramps by volunteering a Saturday in May for the Master Builders Association event. This year’s Ramp-A-Thon was completed May 21st, 2016 for a 49 year-old woman with MS at her home in Snoqualmie. Thanks to our team captains Rob Pitre and Ryan McCurdy, this year’s ramp recipient and her family have the freedom to access their home without assistance. Our Facebook post reply: This project was done for…


REX Emcee: Traci Tenhulzen

Traci Tenhulzen, Vice Chair of the Remodelors Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties was asked to be master of ceremonies for this year’s REX Awards Gala at the W Hotel in Seattle. Winners were announced in 12 categories ranging from small bathroom to whole house renovation. Attendees included remodeling contractors, specialty trade contractors and even a few homeowners. This year’s event was the first to combine the REX (Remodeling Excellence) and…



Roll credits: Just as the credits at the end of a feature film list the people responsible, we recognize our cast & crew from behind the scenes on our performances. Post Studios was on-hand 1/16/16 @ Kirkland Performance Center to capture the red carpet experience.   Annual award categories include: Customer Service Memorable Moment Creative Solution Safety Reliable Service Vendor of the Year Trade Contractor of the Year   Winners for 2015 are: Ryan McCurdy, TR Location Manager…