Wine Walk July 11, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tenhulzen’s Crossword Puzzle Challenge the June 17th Woodinville Wine Walk in the Warehouse District!


The winner of the drawing for a $50 Gift Card to Purple Restaurant is

Stacy W!


Stay tuned for this week’s answers and winner!

Here are the answers for the last wine walk!


Weds, June 13th

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tenhulzen’s Crossword Puzzle Challenge at last week’s Woodinville Wine Walk!

6.13.19 Patterson 6.13.19 Gorman

The winner of the drawing for a $50 Gift Card to Heritage Restaurant is Marti B! Congrats! 

Stay tuned for this week’s answers and winner!


The Quality Of Quality

May 2018 The word ‘quality’ is defined as having characteristics of high grade or superiority. The mere sound of the word makes us think of words like precision, solid and expensive. One would hope that NASA demands the highest quality of its rocket components. And that all the parts used in constructing the cars we drive, the office buildings we work in, and the planes we travel in are given a high degree of scrutiny.…


The Accessory Dwelling Unit

September 2018 If you’re reading this, your home is likely on a sizeable lot and comfortable for a family of four or more. You may be nearing retirement with your significant other, having raised your children in a 3,000+ square foot home with three garage bays full of memories, and a decaying sport court amidst a plethora of intimidating yard work. In the current housing market, it doesn’t make sense to downsize when entering the…


Safety: The Most Important Part Of The Job

August 2018 Kam and Patricia VedBrat went through a relatively complex remodeling project to their Bridle Trails home, which included over 250 separate safety concerns. From digging, to climbing, to welding and even the use of a crane, each safety concern was repeated many times per day throughout the course of the project. If one were to calculate each potential chance for injury, the figure would be in the millions. But how is it possible…


Green Building Options

July 2018 As a result of increasingly strict building codes, homes are becoming safer, more efficient and ultimately more costly to build and remodel. In most cases, government regulation stifles industry. But innovation and regulation are not mutually exclusive. Some of the best innovations come from adapting to such change. The Built Green program was innovated at the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties over 10 years ago. Regarded as one of the…


The Art Of Remodeling

June 2018 When it comes to remodeling your home, our customers tend to focus on the art of the finished product, not the art of the elements found within the process. Artistic qualities can actually be found in the design phase, production scheduling, and even the execution of construction. Some remodeling customers capture the process through imagery, such as creating a scrapbook or detailed blog of the events. Most are simply fascinated with the seamless…


Neighborhood Values

April 2018 Location, location, location. That’s the Real Estate mantra – and there’s a lot of truth to it. Where we choose to live says a lot about us. How we choose to live, defines our connectedness to those around us. It’s in our nature to live in proximity to one another. Ancient clans were stronger as they grew in numbers for protection, support and attaining resources. If you’ve ever used the phrase “it takes…