Time To Un-Yelp!

The consumer website Yelp.com has been receiving increasing push back from the business community for several years.It has clearly become a convenient way for an individual to humiliate a company without restraint. It’s like picketing a storefront without having to make the sign, create a clever chant, recruit friends or stand out front for hours on end. So if the reviewer had a bad experience with a business and wants place to rant, Yelp makes…


Building @ “Brickfest” 2014

January 4, 2014

Tenhulzen Residential sponsored this inaugural event at the Kirkland Boys & Girls Club.  Michael, Traci and son Matthew enjoyed building vehicles, buildings and landscapes from roughly 20,000 bricks.

2 dozen kids from 5-14 years old enjoyed 7 tables of various Lego bricks including mechanized contraptions.

Prizes were awarded for Lego bridges that could support the most weight.

Michael Tenhulzen gets creative      Brickfest bridge building competition

Proceeds support the Keystone Club in their effort to develop community leadership.

Relational vs. Transactional

Over time, the customer interaction with business has become more transactional. This phenomenon is most likely because of more readily available information. Businesses choose their position on the scale of relational to transactional. You can tell where on the scale a business falls by their level of customer interaction.  In The Wizard of Oz, the wizard would have been far less trustworthy had he stayed behind the curtain. Our business is considered quite relational. Especially…


Elevated Service

In early October of 2013, Michael and Traci performed their annual “work party” duties for Summit Central Ski Patrol. While Traci was cleaning and repairing the base building, Michael and a fellow patroller scaled the ski hill in our Chevy Avalanche to the top of the Tripple-60 lift to do some work on the bump shack. Affectionately called “Heaven”, this building allows patrollers and equipment to quickly respond to injuries on the hill. It is…


Obliteride Team TR

    On Saturday, August 10th, Team Tenhulzen Residential powered through a 25-mile street ride on mountain bikes to raise money to fight cancer.  The goal was to raise $2,000 by October 1st. Our efforts resulted in $3,339 directly to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Although we are proud of our efforts, we’ll be doubling our goal next year. And yes, we’ll be on nobby tires again. Watch for the orange hard hats and…


Tenhulzen Accepts Nomination to KPC Board

The Kirkland Performance Center is a non-profit performing arts facility, focusing on providing a high quality live venue through a network of community fellowship.   September 2, 2013 Michael Tenhulzen was recruited by incoming Board President Kathe Fowler to fill a recent vacancy.  Following interviews by the current President and Executive Director, a unanimous vote for his inclusion was made.  Michael will be responsible for assisting to guide the direction of the organiation through philanthopic…


Team Tenhulzen in the Obliteride

Donate to our team! Some of our crew are riding to obliterate cancer in the 2013 Obliteride.  Please help us reach our goal of raising $2,000 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We’re committed to riding 25 miles on nobby tires & orange hard hats and need your support to get us to the finish line. Michael Tenhulzen Adam Hunnicutt Rob Pitre Michael Seefeldt Sean Gallagher Scott Tenhulzen Donate to our team! Share your…


The Other Boomerang Generation

In recent years, we have increasingly performed projects for middle-aged couples with their parents in mind. Specifically, to encourage the older generation to move in with the younger one. The best solution for this growing demand is to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) attached to the single family residence. And the permitting process for this type of project has become increasingly easier to obtain. ADU’s generally incorporate universal design elements which make it manageable…