TR+Home maintenance is often overlooked, resulting in degredation over time and lower return on investment. This annual subscripton service provides peace of mind.

We conduct our own inspection and report within each of the following options. Then, perform to standards that often exceed the original construction.

The result is a well-maintained home that holds its value over time. This service is ideal for customers who value the investment in their home.

Included with construction agreements in excess of $80,000. Annual fee includes complete 2-hour assessment checklist. Written detailed report identifies conditions of interior and exterior, including mechanical and comfort systems, along with recommendations.

Most popular solution that allows for up to 1 man day of labor catered to specific needs. Typically used for honey-do list, minor repairs or preventative maintenance. Silver membership includes preferred scheduling for emergency service.
▪  Annual checklist inspection
+ 8 hours labor

The ideal service level for planning and performing a substantial home improvements. Discounted design is for the duration of the annual agreement. In addition to preferred service scheduling, members at this level also receive invitations to all TR events.
▪  Annual checklist inspection
+ 16 hour block of TR services
+ 10% off unlimited Design

This solution is ideal for routine travelers, retirees and snow birds.  An operations manual is created to identify items requiring annual maintenance.  Log entries track the completed services.  In preparation for returning from extended leave, this service level provides for re-conditioning the home, stocking the refrigerator and providing a written activity report.
▪  Annual checklist inspection
+ 10% off unlimited Design
+ 10% off unlimited Labor
+ Operations manual & log


Labor Options:

Consultation Design Labor
  1. Buy / Sell Consultation
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Financing Evaluation
  4. Building Envelope Assessment
  5. C.A.P.S. Home Assessment
  6. Seismic Retrofit Assessment
  7. Home Automation Assessment
  8. Built Green Consultation
  9. Energy Audit Assessment
  10. “Map Your Neighborhood” event
  1. Architectural Preliminary Layout
  2. Interior Space Planning
  3. Color Consultation
  4. Lighting Consultation
  5. Product Consultation
  6. Landscaping Consultation
  7. Furnishing Consultation
  8. Built Green Design Solutions
  9. Design Center Material Selections
  10. Specialty Showroom Visits
  1. Honey-Do List
  2. Water Intrusion repair
  3. Rot Repair / Replacement
  4. Pressure Washing
  5. Window Cleaning
  6. Plumbing Maintenance / Repair
  7. Electrical Maintenance / Repair
  8. Natural Stone Clean & Seal
  9. Natural Wood Clean & Seal
  10. Scheduled Maintenance