Panelist: Past, Present and Future of Remodeling

The Remodelers Council at the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties meets monthly throughout the year to educate, network and inspire.  The January 2018 meeting was a panel of 5 owners who were asked to compare then to now and peer into what the future might hold. Dunn Lumber’s podcast of the event is an unedited audio recording of the presentation to a room of roughly 75 council members.  Michael Tenhulzen can be…


Give The Stairs A Rest

February 2018 Most 2-story homes are equipped with a laundry room on the main floor near the garage. Since the mid ‘90’s it has been increasingly popular to move the laundry to the sleeping floor, which in most 2-story homes is the 2nd floor. When Lisa and Leo LaBranche moved to a more desirable neighborhood, they discovered only 3 things their new home needed to truly reflect their family’s lifestyle: an expanded kitchen, updated master…


Cost Controls

July, 2017 Last month’s article illustrated how budgets can translate into actual costs phased over time. Because every contractor does things a little differently, it is important to know how to avoid surprises. This month, we’re delving into construction cost controls with the Dotson Family’s kitchen remake. In my 20+ years of remodeling experience, surprises are inevitable. The best way to minimize them is through a system of accountability coupled with timely and honest communication.…


Construction Budgeting

June, 2017 Although every project is unique, they all have at least one thing in common: a spending limit. Each household’s construction budget varies greatly by neighborhood, social status, ethnicity, age, remodeling experience and liquidity. The real trick of the Design/Build remodeling professional is to align the expectations of cost with the vision of the completed project. And then deliver on that expectation. A construction budget is simply referred to as the total sum of…


PSE Energy Assessment

If you have ever wondered how efficient your home is in comparison to the average statistical data, you should schedule an appointment with one of their professional energy advisors.  During the visit, the technician will inspect the crawlspace, attic, windows, appliances and faucets. The report you receive details the recommendations to reduce your energy usage for heating your home and water. Building codes are driving the energy efficiency of new homes and renovations by incentivizing…


Personalizing Your Home

May, 2017 When it comes to updating your home, there are two ways to approach the design: either prep your home for sale, or customize it to fit your needs. Customers like Curtis and Steven Johnson-Meyers tend to want to create personalized spaces, so we ask permission to get to know them on a deeper level to ensure the long-term enjoyment of their home. The master bathroom tends to be the most private room of…


Holiday Gift For Your Home

Your home has been good to you all year. To prevent it from turning bad, give it a gift this holiday season. In effort to maintain the homes we improve, we offer TR-Plus as an annual subscription service to report and suggest preventative solutions. Each level includes benefits specific to a variety of needs. Contact us if interested in more information about getting a report prepared for your home. Basic is no more than a 2-hour inspection and professionally…


2014 Cost Vs. Value

The annual Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report is available to compare the trending relationship of home improvements relative to home sales.

This report is based on multiple data points throughout construction and real estate industries. Individual results may vary. Most categories over the past few years have been trending upwards, indicating the investment in your home has a higher likelihood of being an actual investment.