Getting Back To Work

Starting with the first reported local COVID-19 case in January, our region has experienced unprecedented shut-downs of business activity. As the science and health communities continue to stress the importance of limiting the spread of this virus, government agencies are beginning the process of opening up lower risk private sector industries. The residential construction industry is expected to be among those allowed to re-start in the first phase of Governor’s pending recovery plan. This means…


Costs On The Rise?

We’ve been tracking lumber, labor and fuel prices for the past several years as a trend indicator for residential construction costs. The dramatic drop in lumber over the past couple months, combined with a lagging and less significant drop at the pump suggests the best deals will be limited to the next several months. If you haven’t already dreamed up your home improvement project and on track to have built before the end of the…


Contamination Prevention

There is no substitute for having extra time. Our customers are enjoying being able to focus on the improvements to their homes. Virtual meeting platforms give us the flexibility to continue the design process without risk of cross-contamination. Although most of our world is planning to shut down, we will continue to operate our pre-production process in effort to be ready to start construction when given permission to do so.   Zoom has proven to…


Rain+Wind=Downed Trees

If you have ever added water to a potted plant, or pulled weeds after a good rain, you know that water tends to loosen the soil. Following a series of heavy rains, the top soil layer gets saturated above the dense rocky clay in our region. Trees tend to stand less of a chance against strong winds. Those that don’t blow completely over from losing their grip to the soil may break at some point…


Wine Walk October 10th

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tenhulzen’s Crossword Puzzle Challenge at the October 10th Woodinville Wine Walk !!! The winner of the drawing for a Gift Basket is: Barbara M! Congrats!  Stay tuned for the next answers and winner! Here are the answers for the last wine walk! ACROSS 1. The national railroad passenger corporation 2. A word used to coherse candy out of neighbors for a national holiday 3. Oranges, lemons and limes are of this nature 4.…


Wine Walk July 11, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tenhulzen’s Crossword Puzzle Challenge the June 17th Woodinville Wine Walk in the Warehouse District!


The winner of the drawing for a $50 Gift Card to Purple Restaurant is

Stacy W!


Stay tuned for this week’s answers and winner!

Here are the answers for the last wine walk!