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Title Executive Producer (Sales)
Categories Pre-Production
Salary $75,000 – $120,000
Job Information

The function of the Executive Producer is to manage the customer relationship as it relates to setting and managing expectations for the design phase and the construction phase.

A Producer creates the conditions for creating projects. The Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as budgeting, program development, and arranging for vendors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the process from development to completion of a project and throughout the warranty period.


  1. Perform the established sales procedures referenced in the TR Procedure Manual.
  2. Develop trusted networking circles from which to derive business.
  3. Maintain data fields for Prospect and Project statuses on daily basis.
  4. Provide reporting as requested by the Director.
  5. Maintain historical record of project evolution through procedural document control.
  6. Establish and maintain positive cash flow with each project.
  7. Check in with clients weekly and at critical times once construction has started to ensure clients are happy with progress and performance of TR field staff.



  1. Motivated
    Successful in setting and attaining goals
    Self directed
  2. Adaptable
    Seek understanding
    Think on your feet
  3. Construction knowledge
    Plan reading

Competitive compensation plan based on throughput, profitability and customer service.


Additional benefits include paid holidays, paid vacations, health insurance and matching 401(k).

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Title Associate Producer (Estimator)
Categories Pre-Production
Salary Competitive
Job Information

The function of the Associate Producer is to manage the budget and scope of work through timely and accurate communications with the sales, design and production departments from the initial qualification process through construction completion.  The Associate Producer assists the Executive Producers (Sales) by maintaining document control, estimating, reporting and forecasting for the sales and production departments.


Following are the duties of the Associate Producer:

  1. Perform the established sales procedures referenced in the Procedure Manual.
  2. Maintain CRM data fields and provide appropriate reporting to sales and production.
  3. Perform prospective customer pre-qualification calls, as directed.
  4. Prepare preliminary budgets, as directed for Design Agreements and other sales processes.
  5. Prepare preliminary design schedules, and update as directed for sales and production.
  6. Attend and provide proactive department reporting at weekly management meeting.
  7. Review customer design meeting minutes in effort to update estimates with current information for mid-design budget updates.
  8. Provide feedback to sales and design regarding budget implications of options/pending decisions.
  9. Schedule and lead design to production hand-off meetings, with estimate as agenda.
  10. Schedule Trade Visits and assemble trade packets as appropriate,
  11. Take notes during Trade Visits to adjust estimates, as required.
  12. Follow-up with Trade Contractors for accuracy and thoroughness,
  13. Update estimate as actual costs become available and prepare final estimate and clearly articulated scope of work for contract.
  14. Attend design and production edit meeting to align details of all construction documents prior to contract.
  15. Negotiate terms of trade with Trade Contractors and/or vendors, as applicable.
  16. Prepare contract documents for sales with consistent and accurate industry standard terminology.
  17. Under direction of Production Manager, assist with purchasing Trade Contractor and/or Vendor contracts, following execution of construction documents.
  18. Certify in OSHA jobsite safety regulations and manage site safety protocols.
  19. During construction, visit jobsites to review execution of scope of work and uphold safety regulations.
  20. Coordinate with Production Manager to photograph and document mid-project status for proactive field direction and reporting.
  21. Provide reporting as requested by the Executive Producer and/or Director.
  22. Maintain historical record of project evolution through procedural document control.
  23. Prepare appropriate content for Promotions Manager, as requested.


Benefits include paid holidays, paid vacation, health insurance and matching 401(k).

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