We’re not used to having the temperature dip below 20 degrees. Snowmageddon is termed not only for our inability to effectively manage snow removal, but also for the effect it has on our housing stock.

From heaving ground to bursting pipes to damaged roofs and drainage systems, our homes take a beating in the severe cold as indicated in this article from 2009. Most of the damage caused is invisible. Cracking foundations are perhaps the most costly, although we have seen some issues with flat roof scuppers that have caused entire walls to rot out over time.

Common sense and proper planning can maintain the value of your home.

Upgrading and maintaining your home is our specialty. Occasionally, we take that technology to where the snow and ice are more severe.  Like the top of a mountain.



Here is an article that provides advice if you are caught in this situation. And a video to illustrate our winter wonderland: