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Global pandemics have a way of changing events in our lives. Some events are altogether cancelled. Some events are merely limited. And others become necessary routine.   This year’s AVATAR falls into the first category simply because each year it celebrates the people that help make our business successful.   People make the difference in the customer experience. And this year, we commend those that turned a series of unfortunate events into a series of…


Forecast 2021

The building industry is finding itself on the precipice of a “boom shortage”. That is to say that a pent-up demand for remodeling, fueled by low interest rates and spending more time at home, will create a significant increase in home improvement projects this summer. At the same time, Covid-related sourcing, manufacturing and shipping restrictions will mean products will be in short supply. If lumber prices are any indication, the costs of remodeling in the…


Profiting From the Bank

My wife and I have opened and closed a home equity line of credit a couple of times since buying our home in 2003 for improvements and short-term funding of our businesses. Overall, the 5% rate is decent in comparison to the average 10% increase in annual equity, but what if we could improve the rate of return from money borrowed? If the Fed maintains low interest rates, the advantage is ours. A few months…


In-House Architect

Kevin Huber joined our design crew in July and has been turning out structurally aesthetic construction drawings for additions, interior reconfigurations, and outdoor living spaces. Having run his own architectural firm, Kevin understands what it takes to maintain budgets within the creative process. One of his most appealing traits is his ability to communicate effectively with City and County permit officials. In some cases, Kevin’s communication style helps to get his projects through the review…

Explainer Video

Process Overview

The basis of our “movie theme” approach to remodeling began with the idea that our field crew is “on stage” at every job site. Whether there is a camera or not, our staff is trained to work in occupied spaces as if they were their own. Loud radios, foul language and smoking are prohibited on our job sites. We know that concerns about security, weatherization and dust are of prime importance, which is why we…


Meet the Owners

Michael Tenhulzen was born into remodeling. His residential construction career began in the family business. Visualizing a home’s potential is one of his many talents. As Director of Tenhulzen Residential, it is Michael’s responsibility to create the environment for crew and customers to have the best experience possible.   Traci Tenhulzen has been a business owner and is just as comfortable in one-on-one conversations as she is presenting to a large group. Her expertise is…