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Casting Call For Trailers

A trailer is a condensed summary of a performance, often narrated to fill in the visual gaps. If you and your project are ready to be captured in a video short, this is a great opportunity to share your experience throughout the design and construction processes. Each production is no longer than 45 seconds and can be a fun way to share the experience. “This video trailer got more likes than anything I had ever…


The Impact of Freezing Weather

We’re not used to having the temperature dip below 20 degrees. Snowmageddon is termed not only for our inability to effectively manage snow removal, but also for the effect it has on our housing stock. From heaving ground to bursting pipes to damaged roofs and drainage systems, our homes take a beating in the severe cold as indicated in this article from 2009. Most of the damage caused is invisible. Cracking foundations are perhaps the…


Rain+Wind=Downed Trees

If you have ever added water to a potted plant, or pulled weeds after a good rain, you know that water tends to loosen the soil.Following a series of heavy rains, the top soil layer gets saturated above the dense rocky clay in our region. Trees tend to stand less of a chance against strong winds. Those that don’t blow completely over from losing their grip to the soil may break at some point up…


2019 Company Photo: “The Little Tenhulzens”

The inspiration for this year’s poster comes from the classic film, “The Little Rascals,” a theme that was voted for by attendees at last year’s AVATAR event. Filmed at VMG Studios by Dai Ross Photography captured the team in Little Rascal’s 1940’s inspired attire. A 30-second behind the scenes video was taken while individual head shots were taken to splice into a group photo. Since 2014, Tenhulzen’s annual company photo tradition has been inspired by movie posters. Last year’s…


“Bite Size” Remodeling = Featurette

In our vernacular, a featurette is to a movie, what a service repair is to a remodeling project. Featurettes include:   DECKS & RAILINGS  |  FLASHING & SIDING  |  INTERIOR REPAIRS  |  GRAB BARS  |  WINDOW & DOOR REPLACEMENT  |  SAFETY LIGHTING       This December and January, we are offering featurettes at employee pricing for new customers. It’s kind of like hiring a handyman without inheriting the limitations of a handyman. Experience the quality and care…


Wine Walk October 10th

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tenhulzen’s Crossword Puzzle Challenge at the October 10th Woodinville Wine Walk !!! The winner of the drawing for a Gift Basket is: Barbara M! Congrats!  Stay tuned for the next answers and winner! Here are the answers for the last wine walk! ACROSS 1. The national railroad passenger corporation 2. A word used to coherse candy out of neighbors for a national holiday 3. Oranges, lemons and limes are of this nature 4.…