Customer Service Goals

As Tenhulzen Residential began re-training personnel to perform to improved standards, staff agreed on the following list of features and benefits offered to our customers:

Community Commitments

  1. Respect for the home
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Family friendly
  4. Performance-oriented
  5. Integrated process
  6. Creative environment
  7. Stress reduction
  8. Convenient location
  9. Timely response
  10. Quality workmanship
  11. Respectable crew
  12. Professionalism
  13. Trade partners
  14. Quality control
  15. Award-winning
  16. Jobsite safety
  17. Building technology
  18. Philanthropy
  19. Community leadership



The Evolution of the Home

Over the years, the home has been used for different purposes. 1940’s – 1960’s: Rooms were relatively small and secluded. Gatherings were held in the living room or on the patio, and it was not uncommon to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar. 1970’s – 1990’s: Larger common areas for entertaining made “cocooning” the term used for home-bound activities. The 2000’s have made the home function more as a “hive of activity” where…


Staying Put

Baby-Boomers have made it plainly obvious they do not want to spend their waning days in a retirement facility. The residential construction community recognizes this and has geared up for the Aging-In-Place phenomenon. For nearly a decade, renovation experts with the CAPS designation have been accommodating special needs while maintaining a residential sense about the home’s active areas. Flush floor plans with universal design elements are making it easier for people of all ages to…


How much would you be willing to sacrifice in your home if your lifestyle depended on it?

When consulting with prospective clients, we often use automotive analogies like: “remodeling by cost per square foot is like buying a car by the pound”; or “your decision to buy a Mercedes instead of a Buick establishes the value you place on quality, service and warranty”. Car analogies like these can even delve further into lifestyle choices. For example, I recently exchanged a Jeep Grand Cherokee for a Mini Cooper S convertible as my primary…