This L-shaped room addition was deisgned to include a mud room and sunspace with retracting doors to a covered outdoor grill. More complicated and detailed improvements like kitchens and specialty rooms are more difficult to visualize. ┬áThat’s where perspective renderings like this wireframe help a great deal.

Very few people can view and really understand a 2-dimensional set of plans. 3D design software helps our customers and carpenters alike. In 2012, we selected Chief Architect as our design software of choice. Not only is it intuitive for the user, but it has an incredible amount of power packed into to an affordable package.

In a sense, AutoCAD was like drafting by hand: each line had to be drawn individually. Tools were used to mirror, offset and angle lines to reduce the amount of drafting time, but once the floor plan view was done, you still had to manually create the elevations in the same manner. If the floor plan changed, each of the affected elevations had to be manually changed as well.

A project that once took 100 hours to draw, now takes 15.”

It used to be that a typical design budget for a given project was once figured at roughly 10% of the total cost of construction. Because that percentage has been drasticaly reduced, we are finding that money previously budgeted for design fees is being put into the finish materials for the project instead. This means that our customers can spend their money on what they want and still receive a good value on their design.

Our Design/Build process evolves from concept to script, to production, to release. 3D design renderings are the best way we could find to illustrate the concept and storyboard the script for our discerning customers.