This subterranean mechanical room was home to the son’s make-shift rock band rehearsal studio, complete with sound mixing equipment and a drum set.

A mahogany racking system had been designed and built to fit a previous project that was cancelled due to lack of funds in the declining market. Having been stored for a couple years in our shop, the components were modified to be repurposed in a space that was sized to fit the dimensions of the new configuration.

Each of the sloped shelves is set with evenly set spacers for symmetrical bottle positioning. The two sloped shelves below are able to house up to 3 magnum-sized bottles each. Radiused fixed shelves offer relief from the rectangular orientation of the room. The tumbled travertine mosaic tile floor was set about the centerline of the room with ample floor space for designated furnishings. Dimmable Calabria-style sconces provide a third lighting source for the desired effect.

All walls were insulated for sound and for preserving consistent temperature made possible by the thermal mass of structural concrete walls and floor.

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