2014 Chrysalis Award Winner: Bathroom over $60,000.

Open and airy with fir trellis defining bathing and vanity areas, this master suite was expanded into the adjacent guest bath. The entire floor area of the new master bath needed to be raised one step for 2 reasons. First: to support the weight of a filled tub, and second: for draining it.

Above the cardecking floor, tripled and quadrupled 2×6 joists span from the outer wall to an interior exposed beam line in the kitchen below. The new load is then transferred to a notched beam connection that required an upgrade to bronze-plated hardware.┬áThe new tub drain was routed around the near end of the quadrupled joists to connect with the new shower drain into the existing soffit below.

Clear fir cabinets, doors, trellis and millwork were all pre-finished off site after having been dry fit and disassembled. General lighting is dimmable monorail hung off the centerline beam and powered through the structural column centered on the mirror. Electrically heated floors are continuous throughout the entire space, including shower pan.

This project was a sequel to the original kitchen remodel performed in 1997:
Kitchen Article
Seattle Homes & Lifestyles article, 1998.