Over time, the customer interaction with business has become more transactional. This phenomenon is most likely because of more readily available information.

Businesses choose their position on the scale of relational to transactional. You can tell where on the scale a business falls by their level of customer interaction.  In The Wizard of Oz, the wizard would have been far less trustworthy had he stayed behind the curtain.

Our business is considered quite relational. Especially because of the subject and duration of the transaction. The following table illustrates this concept from a marketing perspective.


Trasactional vs. Relational


To learn about the new Ford truck, you used to have to go to the dealership and talk with the salesperson. Now when you want to buy a new Ford truck, you do everything you can to avoid the salesperson. The access to information makes consumers less willing to seek relational transactions.

I find comfort in knowing the remodeling business will always be relational.