Remodeling your home can be as successful or as much of a nightmare as you wish to make it. Planning and choosing the remodeling company you will be working with to make your dreams a reality. It represents more than a substantial investment- it’s where you will live, perhaps raise a family, and entertain your friends. For that reason, you need to invest wisely in any improvements you may wish to make.


1. Start a “dream” file folder filled with the criteria that you would like incorporated into your project. Pick up home improvement magazines and tear out pictures that appeal to you or visit show rooms and home shows to accumulate ideas.


2. Establish a budget and determine how it will be financed. Once identified, don’t be afraid to share your budget with architects, building designers or remodeling contractors. They need this information to most effectively assist you through design and selection of products, ie: you may have a champagne appetite and beer budget.


3. Ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, business associates, trade organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and even building material suppliers (they’ll be happy to refer those that pay their bills on time). Choose your remodeling team carefully. Word of mouth is the best way to find any professional.


4. Check registration with the State of Washington. To verify if a contractor is registered and has no claims against his bond, you can call the Department of Labor and Industries Hotline at 1-800-647-0982.


5. Ask for references and follow up by contacting them. It is a good idea to ask a designer or contractor for references on a project they finished a year ago, just completed and one they are currently working on.


6. Ask questions of a potential contractor to find out his level of product knowledge and trade contractor relationships. Be sure the remodeling contractors you are considering are current with the latest in building products and techniques.


7. Understand the contracts the design or construction professionals offer. A few important items that should be included in a construction contract are: A detailed scope of work to be performed, product specifications, payment schedule, change order procedure, owners’ responsibilities, warranties, commencement date, project schedule and process for resolution of disputes.


8. Communication is key in any relationship. It is extremely important that you have good communication with your design and construction team throughout the process. If it is not there in the beginning, most likely it will not get any better as you move into designing and building your project. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or take anything for granted. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary.


9. Be prepared for some disruption in your life during the duration of your remodel. Noise, dust, debris and workers are all a part of the adventure. If you are mentally prepared for it, it will make it much easier to live with.


10. Know who you are doing business with. Being able to trust and have confidence in your remodeling team will go a long way in making your remodel a success.


Print this page as a reference tool for selecting contractors.


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One thought on “10 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project

  1. I like that you said that we shouldn’t be afraid to share it with the architects, designers, and contractors. When my sister was remodeling her bathroom she had a vague knowledge of what it should cost, so she paid more than she would have like for it. If she had made a budget then she might have been happier with the result.

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