The Interior Addition

August, 2017 The decision to remodel is a difficult one. Determining the best solution to fit your short-term and long-term needs can be even more challenging. When considering multiple improvements to your home, is it best to do them all at once, or individually over time? It depends on the nature of the remodels, their proximity to each other, financial capacity and tolerance for disruption. Joel and Christine Cherkis came to us requesting an addition…


Personalizing Your Home

May, 2017 When it comes to updating your home, there are two ways to approach the design: either prep your home for sale, or customize it to fit your needs. Customers like Curtis and Steven Johnson-Meyers tend to want to create personalized spaces, so we ask permission to get to know them on a deeper level to ensure the long-term enjoyment of their home. The master bathroom tends to be the most private room of…


The Bold & The Beautiful

March, 2017 What’s considered “popular” is not always what’s best. In 2014, one of our repeat customers in Redmond contacted us to renovate their kitchen. The original oak cabinetry and challenging layout provided an excellent canvas from which to create their vision for a vibrantly functional space. Budget conscious finishes were designed and implemented to unveil what has become their favorite room in the house. “Every time I enter my kitchen, I can’t help but…


Keeping It In The Family

February, 2017 The previous renovation on this back yard deck left an elevated stone patio full of rot. It was improperly planned and executed in the early 2000’s, leaving multiple areas for water to get in and not get out. Kirk and Jann Olynyk agreed in 2007 to complete removal of the pedestal paver system and pre-cast railing system in order to permanently restore the structure. After several months of construction, the completed project included completely…


Springboard for Design Careers

Local design firms differ a lot in their mission, processes, core competency and employee development. As an innovator and industry leader in the Design/Build Remodeling industry, Tenhulzen trains design staff in a proven process-driven system. This training has developed the tools necessary for some of our design staff to start their own respected design companies, including: Autumn Donavan Lynn Dillon Ellie Baker Don Larkin Terence Tung   Tenhulzen Residential is recipient of numerous local and national…


Perspective On Design

This L-shaped room addition was deisgned to include a mud room and sunspace with retracting doors to a covered outdoor grill. More complicated and detailed improvements like kitchens and specialty rooms are more difficult to visualize.  That’s where perspective renderings like this wireframe help a great deal. Very few people can view and really understand a 2-dimensional set of plans. 3D design software helps our customers and carpenters alike. In 2012, we selected Chief Architect…


Intimate Design

Mixing it up:

Most meetings are held in our conference room.

Meeting at the designer’s desk allows for on-the-fly changes with Chief Architect design software. Floor plans are easily converted to 3-dimensional perspectives to help visualize position and scale.

Our magnetic whiteboard has a projector for an enhanced experience of our interactive design process.

Architectural Plans receiving Edits

To Permit or Not To Permit

That is the question we are receiving on a more regular basis than ever before. Why is that? It seems the word has gotten around that the permitting process is increasingly difficult. The combination of stricter guidelines and budget cuts have extended the review process up to 2x in some jurisdictions. Building permits exist in the interest of public safety for enforcement of the building code. TR always recommends getting the appropriate permits for compliance…