When choosing to remodel, it is very difficult to determine value among the available service providers. All things being equal, most people guage their decision on price. The truth is, all things are not equal.


“Our mission is to turn apprehension to advocacy through performance.”


Localloop reportThe three graphs to the right illustrate the results of a third party anonymous query of 72 customers for whom we completed various remodeling projects. Questions focused on the pre-selection process.

It is no surprise that trust is the #1 determining factor when trying to find a reputable business (fig. 3.3). Price is an indicator of value. Like comparing Nordstrom to Ross: both are department stores selling clothing, shoes and accessories, but which one you choose to buy from says something about the value placed on service and quality.

After interviewing the various contractors selected, the #1 reason our customers chose Tenhulzen was our ability to meet their needs, followed by quality and aptitude (fig. 3.4). Price was less significant after identifying the value proposition of each company.


Mission Defined:

Apprehension: Legitimate fears about remodeling

  • Planning / Duration
  • Organizational solvency
  • Care / Cleanliness
  • Sub Contractors
  • Quality / Aptitude
  • Cost overruns

Performance: Strategic process for designing and building “quality improvements designed for life”

Advocacy: Feeling so good about your decision that you can’t wait to tell your friends about your positive remodeling experience.


Remodeling is a service, not a product. Comparing one service provider to another is impossible. There’s just no way to know how the process will compare until after you’ve lived it. Ask us for a reference and we’ll put you in touch with an advocate who was once just as apprehensive.