Accountable Home Improvement With An Emphasis On Performance

Our goal is to develop each remodeling project as if it were its own stage production.

We offer a unique approach to Design/Build remodeling that focuses on the process required to develop a script. Performance is enhanced by ensuring the entire cast and crew are selected before work begins.

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Conference Room With Directors Chairs
Behind The Scenes
Michael Tenhulzen, Director

Michael Tenhulzen, Director

“Our mission is to turn apprehension into advocacy through performance.

Knowing actions speak louder than words, we accomplish this through a defined process.”

Derivatives of TROur currency is our reputation.

This is why it is so important to establish realistic expectations and then maintain them through a process-driven project management system.

Each crew member is accountable to standards of our key traits: Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity and Trust.

Growth chartFounder Michael Tenhulzen has spent his entire professional career improving and refining the Design/Build remodeling process. Selecting, training and empowering key people to grow their potential has proven the core success to developing a customer-centric culture.

Innovation and change are inherent in the planning process, resulting in both on-stage and behind the scenes improvements. A core strength is a strong sense of family values.

Additional history can be found in individual crew biographies.

Make-A-Wish Therapy Room

Make-A-Wish Therapy Room

We believe in supporting the local community rather than regional, national or international efforts. You’ll never see or hear an advertisement from TR, because our budget is allocated to our selected non-profit organizations. Because of this distinction, TR enjoys a long history of community service.

Our company is positioned as one of the best bellevue remodeling contractors. As a home remodeler, we focus on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, outdoor living spaces, and other home improvements requiring interior design process.

Trespassing SignOur crew has a responsibility to create an environment of realistic expectations, trust and quality workmanship. Our commitment is to continuously improve our communication, opportunities and execution.

Our number one objective is to craft and deliver superior quality in everything we build.

Providing personal information is voluntary. Information is collected when you register on our website, fill out a form, and subscribe to our newsletter.

When submitting informationvon our website, you may be asked to enter your: name, email address, billing address, mailing address, credit card number, and phone number. Information collected automatically includes: your IP address, domain name of your Internet service provider, website pages visited, and the time of your visits.

We will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise share or disclose your private personally identifiable information to third-parties.

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Our Critics
Angies List
  • The guy who did the work was great, he was outstanding.
    Shannon G
  • They did everything they said they would do in a timely manner and there was never any concerns on out part. They came in, got the job done, cleaned-up. It worked-out really well. That's a lot of good things to say about, you know, getting someone to come in a do something on your house.
    Bruce H
  • In general company is great. Few companies in that business will deliver the quality expectations and professionalism you would expect.
    Guido G
  • I would say that they did a great job of making the process go as smoothly as possible. We actually had water coming in, when we were roughly half-way done. They actually had a couple of guys out here on Saturday evening in the driving rain putting up plastic to keep the water from coming in the house. I appreciated that quite a bit.
    Riley F
  • Once we broke ground, they completed ahead of schedule, even on a very aggressive schedule.
    Alex S
  • I loved the workers, they were amazing. I had a good experience and am already thinking about the next project.
    Lynn K
  • One of the key factors of my recommending them to someone else is that they were willing to stand behind their work and make sure that I was completely satisfied as a customer.
    Lynn H
  • They did a masterful job in remodeling and modernizing my home. The planning, design, execution, quality, attention to detail and responsiveness to my questions and needs were all remarkable. They literally tranformed my home and completed the work on time and within budget. The Tenhulzen people were the most reliable and professional group i have ever dealt with. I recommend them highly based upon my experience.
    Mack H
  • We are thrilled with the results.  They were fantastic to work with and ALWAYS put our wants and needs first.  It has been a great experience and we would definitely recommend them to friends, family and anyone interested in remodeling their home.  They are professional, respectful and attentive.
    Kathy N
  • The owner and staff are extraordinarily knowledgeable and thorough and easy to work with. From design to walk-through, both experiences were a pleasure. The key element for me however, was the communication emphasis employed by the entire staff. I was routinely kept abreast of the status of the job so I was never left wondering. The peace of mind that I had during the project, knowing that I had such competent people working on the remodel was very comforting.
    Kathe H
  • We are now enjoying the results or our third Tenhulzen remodeling project over the last two years and we could not be more pleased with our beautiful new kitchen and our two great bathrooms. From design to walk-through, all three remodeling experiences were excellent. The Tenhulzen Team is friendly and polite and easy to work with. They listened to our needs and wants, made recommendations on design choices that fit our home and lifestyle, held our hands when necessary, stayed on budget, and completed the projects on time.
    Brian S
  • The communication between us and TR was clear and concise. The workmanship was detailed and done with great care. At one point they couldn't find lattice for the new addition to match the existing porch lattice. Their carpenter custom made the lattice to match exactly. The workmanship has been a pleasure to look at on a daily basis. The mouldings are seamless, the room a definite "wow" factor.
    Tracy H
  • The crew was respectful of our property and our family. Tenhulzen even followed up with us a year later to see how everything was. Perfect, we said! In the world of contractors it is very hard to find a quality contractor that you can trust with something as important as your home. You can trust Tenhulzen.
    Meghan M
  • Everything was positive. They are very trustworthy, honest, up front, and excellent work.
    Christine C
  • I used them twice. I wanted someone who would deliver on the details. We came up with a plan, I changed my mind two days before and they still did it within budget. They were flexible and didn't let me make mistakes. They improved on my ideas.
    Tana J
  • I have used them several times. Issues always come up. I never had to worry about things changing. We knew Cary would take care of everything, he's amazing.
    Kelly C