The TR Production Crew took Amtrak from Tukwila to Portland last Thursday to attend the JLC Live trade show and education conference.  Arriving mid-day Thursday and departing mid-day Friday allowed for the opportunity to absorb all the information available at the Portland Conference Center. The primary goal of this trip was for all 7 of our production crew to continually improve customer service.

Educational sessions included communication, scheduling, building technology, finish carpentry and indoor air quality. Despite reports that the presenters were preaching to the choir, our crew did pick up some important tidbits. In general, it was a very good experience and sparked some improvements in our policies and procedures. Specifically to building technology and energy code changes.

Train portlandSome of the newer information regarded the techniques for reducing mold. Over the past couple decades, the green building movement has caused homes to be built tighter. This means the air exhanges homes used to enjoy were being diminished, creating unhealthy environments. Over time, more energy efficient homes were actually causing people to get sick. Knowing this, our ability to recognize and treat the causes of mold will be significant benefits to the homes we improve.

Our Location Managers, Carpenters and Location Assistant enjoyed the tools and products available on the show floor, but were a bit disappointed by the lacking variety and representation.

One of the side benefits by getting out of town for something like this is the ability for the guys to get to know eachother outside of the work environment. It’s fun to see how they learn to work with each other during business hours, and even more entertaining to observe their interactions after hours. Our customers (and their signicant others) would be impressed with how well they behaved themselves. It seems they have earned themselves another opportunity for a future out of town industry trade show.