“Bite Size” Remodeling = Featurette

In our vernacular, a featurette is to a movie, what a service repair is to a remodeling project. Featurettes include:   DECKS & RAILINGS  |  FLASHING & SIDING  |  INTERIOR REPAIRS  |  GRAB BARS  |  WINDOW & DOOR REPLACEMENT  |  SAFETY LIGHTING       This December and January, we are offering featurettes at employee pricing for new customers. It’s kind of like hiring a handyman without inheriting the limitations of a handyman. Experience the quality and care…


The Interior Addition

August, 2017 The decision to remodel is a difficult one. Determining the best solution to fit your short-term and long-term needs can be even more challenging. When considering multiple improvements to your home, is it best to do them all at once, or individually over time? It depends on the nature of the remodels, their proximity to each other, financial capacity and tolerance for disruption. Joel and Christine Cherkis came to us requesting an addition…


Earth Day 2017

Dozens of volunteers descended on Woodmoor Elementary April 22nd to create a new walking path and flower beds. Among the volunteers were Michael and Matthew Tenhulzen, supplying laser level, excavation tools and the company truck, which was used to haul building materials and debris. This 6-hour event was supported by the PTSA and administration to beautify the school entrance and enhance outdoor curriculum. Volunteers included parents, students, school staff and Boeing employees. Over 2 tons…


Perspective On Design

This L-shaped room addition was deisgned to include a mud room and sunspace with retracting doors to a covered outdoor grill. More complicated and detailed improvements like kitchens and specialty rooms are more difficult to visualize.  That’s where perspective renderings like this wireframe help a great deal. Very few people can view and really understand a 2-dimensional set of plans. 3D design software helps our customers and carpenters alike. In 2012, we selected Chief Architect…


Elevated Service

In early October of 2013, Michael and Traci performed their annual “work party” duties for Summit Central Ski Patrol. While Traci was cleaning and repairing the base building, Michael and a fellow patroller scaled the ski hill in our Chevy Avalanche to the top of the Tripple-60 lift to do some work on the bump shack. Affectionately called “Heaven”, this building allows patrollers and equipment to quickly respond to injuries on the hill. It is…


Backyard Greenhouse

This is the “greenest” use of replaced windows Mike & Traci could think of. $400 worth of framing materials were fastened entirely of screws. Overall dimensions are 12′ x 9′ with a 12:12 roof pitch.

What is your favorite use for old or discarded materials?

Winning submittal receives $50 gift certificate at Home Depot.
Judging 5/30/13.

Walls stacked   Walls